Data field Instructions
Date (For time started dd/mm/yy) Enter the date which applies to the conditions to be entered
Line number Enter the acquisition line number used by the vessel. The number is associated with the line turn or approach into a line, and ends when the line ends. Enter ‘no line’ is not on a line. These are used to create tables of operations
Time start & stopped (NZDT) Enter time details in the row started and ended. NZ daylight time
Duration Calculated automatically
Array status Choose option from dropdown menu. Definitions in the key to categories
Influence on observations Choose the most salient factor from the dropdown menu
Beaufort sea state – swell height – visibility – monitoring – sighting conditions for visual observations Choose option from dropdown menu. Choose NA when weather and sea state cannot be determined (e.g. at night), but when PAM in use select poor for sighting conditions. Remember good sighting conditions are daylight hours, visibility >1.5 km and sea state  ≤Beaufort 3
NZ fur seal detection ID Enter manually using sequential numbers – S001, S002, S003, S004…
Marine mammal detection ID Enter manually using sequential numbers – 001, 002, 003, 004…
Comments Enter manually, as required
Survey effort ID These numbers are already entered for you, and cannot/should not be changed