Towed Hydrophone Arrays

Real time Passive Acoustic Monitoring is a requirement during Level One seismic surveys in New Zealand waters as per the Seismic Code. OSC-NZ can cater for all your Passive Acoustic Monitoring needs, including supply of commercial towed hydrophone arrays designed specifically to meet the needs of the seismic industry.

All OSC-NZ’s towed hydrophone arrays are top of the range, and capable of performing at the highest standard. Our in-house PAM technician’s service and test all arrays prior to mobilisation, which helps to ensure optimal function and reliability once in the field. All arrays are dispatched with full redundancy, and PAM Operators can exchange arrays quickly and easily, which minimises operational downtime resulting from PAM malfunctions.

OSC-NZ arrays have a proven track record, and have been used successfully in the field to detect marine mammals worldwide (including New Zealand), during a range of industrial activities including seismic, pile-driving, drilling, and naval exercises. This includes detection of high frequency cetaceans, demonstrating that they are well suited to monitoring Hector’s dolphins in New Zealand.

OSC-NZ towed hydrophone arrays are also ideally suited for use in scientific research, or for taking industrial noise measurements.

Full specifications of OSC-NZ towed hydrophone arrays can be provided on request.