Company Structure

Ocean Science Consulting NZ (Asia-Pacific) Limited has a single tier Board of Directors chaired by Erica (Morrin) Chapman ( The board meet regularly to discuss reviews and reports on the business and company plans. The staff comprise a  team of highly-trained managers and employees. The company can also draw upon additional expertise from a pool of rigorously tested associate and independent professionals, as and when required, which enables OSC-NZ to provide a streamlined and reliable service for any size of project. Our recruitment database typically contains details of approximately 2000 specialists, qualified in relevant subject areas, including marine biology, oceanography, marine mammal science, Marine Mammal Observation (MMO), Marine Mammal & Seabird Observation (MMSO), Protected Species Observation (PSO), Marine Fauna Observation (MFO), Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM), underwater acoustics and signal processing, electronic and mechanical engineering. This has lead to the creation of a multi-disciplinary team that can provide a complete and efficient solution to meet a host of environmental services.

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