OSC NZ to participate in 2016 A Community on Ecosystem Services conference in Florida

OSC NZ will be at the 2016 A Community on Ecosystem Services (ACES) conference, which is being held in Jacksonville, Florida, USA from 5-9 December. The ACES conference focuses on bringing together decision-making and the science around ecosystem services and sustainability.

Dr Victoria Todd, one of our Managing Directors, will participate in the Thursday afternoon discussion session entitled ‘Do offshore oil and gas platforms and infrastructure provide valuable ecosystem services?’. This session will explore the ecological value of offshore oil & gas (O&G) subsea structures and applying Net Environmental Benefit Analyses (NEBA) to assess decommissioning options of those structures. NEBAs make use of the latest scientific data and case studies, such as the recent research which indicates that the reefs associated with O&G subsea infrastructure can support a variety of marine mammal populations.

See you there!


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