Victoria & Ian Todd attend Aquatic Noise 2016 conference in Dublin

Two of OSC NZ’s directors, Dr Victoria Todd and Ian Todd, recently attended the fourth international The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life conference (AN2016), held in Dublin, Ireland, 10–15 July 2016.

The conference covered a broad range of topics related to the central theme of impacts from man-made noise, including research on marine mammal activities, the use of different technologies to study marine mammal activities, noise levels in the ocean and around certain activities (e.g. shipping, pile-driving, wire-cutting) and impacts of noise on fish (including some fascinating research from NZ on the effects of boat noise on temperate reef fish). The conference combined regulatory, industry and academic perspectives, leading to interesting exchanges of ideas and discussions.

Whilst OSC NZ is, of course, interested in the direct impacts of noise on marine mammals, the responses of their prey (e.g. fish) to noise are likely to also impact marine mammals, so many of the talks had implications that link to our research interests. Wide-ranging conferences such as AN2016 provide valuable new perspectives on noise-related issues, and allow scientists (from academia and industry) to keep up-to-date with research in associated fields.

Ian & Max Ruffert catching up at the conference

Ian & Max Ruffert

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