MMO & PAM Handbook hailed as industry ‘bible’

The Marine Mammal Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook, written by Dr Victoria Todd, Ian Todd, Jane (Gardiner) Warley and Erica (Morrin) Chapman and drawing on their extensive collective experience working for OSC, has been hailed as a ‘bible’ for the industry in a review published in Marine Mammal Science.

The Marine Mammal Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook remains the only book of its kind and is both an invaluable resource for those interested in joining the industry and a comprehensive reference for experienced readers. The book provides an overview of marine mammal species and noise, mitigation legislation around the world, training requirements and life offshore. Good practice for Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) is discussed also, and a wealth of information about Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) and using PAMGuard (the industry-standard software used for PAM) is provided.

Available in hardback, paperback and eBook (very practical when considering offshore luggage allowances) from Pelagic Publishing, NHBS and Amazon.


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